Why Use Expert Safety Staffing Companies?

Safety is crucial at any workplace. Your employees have the right to work in conditions that will not damage their health, using tools and equipment that will not malfunction causing severe accidents. To ensure that companies comply with these rules, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires them to hire a safety specialist.

How Can You Find a Safety Specialist?

Businesses can post job ads looking for safety specialists, analyze the incoming resumes and make a hiring decision. But this is not as simple as it appears. You have to know what kind of skills and experience you are looking for.

Each industry has its own set of safety codes and standards. They are very detailed, thus, a safety specialist will choose to become an expert in a specific industry. The more specialized they are, the higher their salary expectations are. In most cases, your company does not need a full time safety specialist. Thus, hiring one is not justified.

The Alternative: Finding an Expert Safety Staffing Company

Whenever businesses need an expert in a specific field on a temporary basis, the solution can be found at staffing agencies. These companies hire only the best safety experts, and allocate them to work for various clients.

Each expert knows how many hours per week they must allocate to each customer and what type of tasks they are supposed to perform. They are not hindered by performing administrative tasks (as the staffing agency has a support team for them), thus the entire time is spent focusing 100% on their specific activity.

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Reasons to Consider Hiring an Expert Safety Staffing Company

Most of the companies who outsource their safety activity to staffing agencies chose this option because:

  1. They Can Access Various Specialties

In some cases, you need safety specialists from various fields. For instance, when building a facility for the food industry, your company needs to meet both construction industry safety standards and food industry safety standards.

A staffing agency will allocate relevant experts, who will work for you for the necessary duration of time and during the exact phase of the project when their input is needed.

  1. They Do Not Want to Burden Their HR Budget

As explained above, a company does not need a safety expert all the time. Their role is to create and/or optimize your safety procedures, offer assistance during special occasions and confirm that your company is meeting the safety standards, as required.

This is not a daily, 9 to 5 activity. Thus, hiring a full time employee is not financially justified.

  1. Make Sure that the Expert Has Up to Date Knowledge

Safety codes and standards change over time. Safety staffing companies will make sure that all their employees receive ongoing training in order to apply the standards in force required by the law.

Such training is specialized and expensive, thus not all the businesses afford to procure it for their safety employees.

  1. Get an Unbiased Look at Your Safety Procedures

Hiring a safety specialist from outside your company is beneficial in terms of optimizing your safety standards. An internal employee may suffer from a bias they are not aware of and tend to be lax in applying these procedures. This is a sure path to a labor accident that will cost your business money and loss of reputation.

How Do I Prevent Frozen Pipes in My Colorado Home?

Winters can be extremely cold in the Centennial State. While those low temperatures usually come with the best powder snow in the world, they are surely very hard to bear and not only for humans, but for buildings as well. Cold weather can be dangerous for the pipes in your Colorado home – when the water inside the pipes freezes, it starts expanding, causing tension in the affected pipe and posing the risk of cracking and water damage. Fortunately, the issue can be avoided – here are some tips how.

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Methods to Prevent Freezing in Outdoor Pipes

Outdoor pipes are directly exposed to freezing temperatures, therefore they need to be emptied before the first frost. Check each of your outdoor pipes and disconnect the water supply to them as close to your building as possible (even very short faucets can freeze and burst, so having as little water as possible in the outdoor system is very important). If you have hoses outside, disconnect them and move them inside for the winter – plastic does not stand up well to freezing and becomes rigid and brittle if kept in the cold for too long.

You will need to protect the pipes and fixtures that you cannot remove, too. The best way to do that is to cover these exposed pipes and fixtures with thick sponge, heat tape or, even better, with hose bib covers (covers made from cold-resistant foam and available in various shapes and sizes for surrounding faucets, hoses, spigots and pipes).

Keeping Pipes Safe from Freezing in Vacant Buildings

Not only outdoor pipes are at risk of damage by freezing – pipes can freeze in buildings that are not inhabited as well, even a short period when the temperature inside the building approaches the outdoor temperature can pose dangers. The only solution to the issue is to keep the heating on – you don’t need your heating to run all the time and you don’t need to have temperatures that are comfortable for humans, but the temperature inside shouldn’t drop under 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. To limit the energy consumption, close the doors in the rooms that do not have plumbing and open the closet doors under sinks to allow warm water to reach to your pipes.

Keeping Pipes Safe in a Building Left without Heating

Having a broken heating system in winter is the worst nightmare of any homeowner, but even the best-kept, professionally maintained HVAC can break down and chances are that it happens when you need your heaters the most. The first thing to do is to contact a HVAC specialist for the repair and to prepare for the hardships – if the technician finds an issue that takes more than a couple of hours to fix, you will probably need to move out of the house until the heating is operational again. Unheated buildings become very cold very quickly, so protecting the temperature-sensitive elements in your building, such as the pipes, is very important. The method is very similar to the method used for protecting the pipes in a vacant building, but without running the heating: open the closet doors under sinks and close the doors on the rooms to slow down the heat evaporation process. As an additional measure, run some water (preferable warm water) in the pipes to warm them a bit and to relieve the tension inside the pipes.

If despite your best efforts, you end up with a burst pipe and subsequent water damage, immediately call professional companies that do water clean up near me for expert restoration services.

Who Should Hire A Bed Bugs Inspector?

Whether you are a homeowner continuously working to ensure the bug-free cleanliness of your home or you run a hotel and impeccable cleanliness is something that you live by, you must know that bed bug infestations can happen anytime and can affect not only dirty, cluttered spaces, but clean, orderly rooms as well. Here are some tings that you should know about bed bugs and some details to help you decide whether you should hire a bed bug inspector.

What Are Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny, difficult to notice insects that can get into your home traveling on your clothes, with luggage or with anything that is introduced into the home. They prefer dark, protected places, such as mattresses, bed frames, upholstery of all kinds and they can hide in the tiniest of crevices.

Bed bugs are a nuisance in many ways. The nocturnal creatures feed on blood and they come out when the occupants of the rooms are asleep. Their bites are very similar to mosquito bites, causing tiny red spots that turn into welts. The other problem caused by bed bugs is that they leave behind excrement that can cause many different symptoms, including larger skin rashes and irritations as well as respiratory problems.

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Deciding Whether You Need a Bed Bugs Inspector

If you have the suspicion that you have bed bugs, you can try to find and eliminate them on your own. You will need to remove anything that could serve as home for bed bugs, such as blankets, pillows, even mattresses and you will need to perform a meticulous inspection of any upholstery on your furniture as well as your bed frames and other furniture, your curtains and carpets. If you find any traces of bed bugs, you will need to clean the entire room thoroughly, then you will also need to seal all the potential entry points to the room.

If you think that you have done everything you could to get rid of bed bugs, but the pests seem to have come back, it might be a good idea to leave the task to professionals. Bed bug inspectors work for pest control companies that have all the tools and substances to identify the places invaded by bed bugs and to eliminate the infestation in a professional and definitive way. The process of bed bug detection will be very similar to the way you were looking for the bugs, but pest elimination experts have the trained eye as well as the tools to make the process more efficient. They also handle the bed bug elimination process professionally, guaranteeing success.

How to Find a Bed Bug Inspector

A simple online query on how to find out if you have bed bugs Denver will return the names of the Denver pest control companies that provide bed bug detection and elimination services in your area. Check out their websites one by one, then contact them to find out what the bed bug inspection process involves and how much it will cost you to get your building inspected and the pests removed – there can be substantial differences in the process practiced by different companies, so it is a good idea to shop around a bit.

Factors Affecting the Design of an Automatic Gate Control

Gates are mobile elements that allow controlled access within a fenced public or private perimeter. There are two major types: swing gates and sliding gates. Sliding gates can also be of two types: self-supporting sliding (or console) and sliding with floor-mounted tread.

Both sliding and swing gates can be automated.

Automation can be controlled by key-switch, remote control, buttons or access control systems. The automation are dimensioned according to the size of the gate and its weight, but also according to the number of closed – open cycles that the gate makes in a day. Thus, in the residential area, the number of cycles is reduced to an average of 10 per day, while in the industrial area this number is much higher and can reach several hundred cycles per day. That is why it is good to provide all this data from the design phase so that the sizing of the automation for sliding and swing gates is done properly. Purchasing the right automatic gate control will allow you to transform your front yard in a private, intimate space, away from prying eyes of curious neighbors. Thus, you take a sunbath or simply enjoy the company of your loved ones in peace, without anyone bothering you.

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Another reason why you should buy an automatic gate control is that in this way you will not have to get out of the car every time you get home, to open the gate. You can do this very easily from your car, by simply pressing a button. Everything will become much simpler and easier. After parking in the yard, you can close the gate behind you with another push of a button.

How to choose the best sliding gate automation system

To choose the best sliding door automation system, you must know some very important aspects:

  • Estimated gate weight

E.g. if a gate weighs 350 kg, then the engine must have a capacity of at least 400 kg, because the larger the engine, compared to the weight of the gate, the longer the life span of the automation system.

  • The gate`s opening

Another detail to keep in mind when you choose a gate control system is the opening of the gate.

  • Work cycle

The work cycle is also very important. Basically, it refers to the number of door openings in a certain period of time.

  • System functions

Depending on the type of automatic gate control system you choose, the gate will open much easier and wider or, on the contrary, slower and less widely. You should consult an electric gates Denver specialist who can help you determine which option is best for you and the type of yard you have.

  • Design

You can also choose the automation system according to the design, beyond the functions it has. Gate companies can suggest various models from their portfolios or help you customize your gate, using certain styles, materials and colors.  Choose a design that matches with the rest of the property.


Finding A Roofer That Will Guarantee Their Work

hire roofer roofing guarantee

Before resorting to any roofing team, whether it is the authorized dealer for the sale of complete roof systems, or a specialized installation company, you must consider a few aspects:

  • The installer has to be licensed and authorized to perform roofing projects in your state
  • Make sure about the quality of the materials used for your roofing project! Always ask for warranty certificates from the company you decide to work with. The quality of these materials increase the price of the project, but you can enjoy the comfort and safety of a durable work.
  • Carefully analyze the finish of the products, as these are the kind of details that can make the difference between a quality and a superficial work.
  • Opt for an experienced roofing company! The quality and safety of the roofing work can be provided by teams of specialists who have been working in this business and together as a team for a long time.
  • Ask to see samples of materials and also previous works made by the roofing team you decide to hire. Check if the materials you want come from a reliable supplier and they have been previously used for other similar projects too.
  • If having a quality roof is your main priority, you should be ready to accept to pay a higher price for better materials. You can find many roofers who may offer you the illusion of cheap and quality work, but do not fall for them.
  • The Aurora roofing company you choose respects the labor protection rules as well as the local building regulations.


How can you find a roofer that will guarantee their work?

First, make sure you contact a local and reliable roofer. Local, because this means it is part of the local community, it is easy to find when you need it and it has a reputation to protect, which means it will put quality on top of its priorities and also stand behind its work.

Make sure the roofer you choose will explain you the technical possibilities to accomplish the project, advise you on the style you want and propose solutions that respect your budget.

In general, roofing companies offer free preliminary consulting and estimation. It is enough to bring your roof plan, photos and measurements you have made, accompanied by a short description of what you want to do about your roof.

Make sure the roofing company you hire is in business for a long time and has build the loyalty of its teams; in this way, you can be sure that the execution of the roofing works will be carried out by experienced and professional workers.

Last but not least, a roofer will guarantee their work if they offer adequate warranties. You must ask about warranties before signing the contract and make sure they appear in the contract. Also, in addition to the warranties you get for materials and workmanship, make sure that the roofing contractor you hire carries the necessary insurance that provides coverage in case of accidents caused or supported by the team working on your roof. In general, any contractor should carry at least liability insurance and worker’s compensation.


Corporate Fire Prevention Tactics

Prevent Fire Damage Commercial Restoration

Beyond the issues related to the importance of fire protection systems, the typology of the installations that a company runs in order to be successfully used in the event of fire, each person who works there should be trained about fire prevention tactics that will be very useful during such an event that can be devastating.

Fire prevention in corporate buildings is considered, erroneously, a service that should be exclusively dealt with by qualified personnel, who control the specific measures to be taken in order to maintain safety.

It is also believed to be a complicated subject for non-technical people, but actually it is not. Fire prevention is an objective for which firefighters, building owners, administrators, officials involved in administrative supervision processes, representatives of workers involved in risk prevention, volunteers in charge of awareness and counseling campaigns for citizens can and should participate actively. All of them!

Any building must meet the minimum conditions of safety, comfort, health and well-being. In such spaces, whether they are public or private companies, preventive measures must be taken to evacuate people and mitigate the proportions of a potential fire. It is also necessary to develop and implement a plan of action in case of fire emergencies.

Therefore, it is recommended to start with establishing the procedure to be followed for the development and implementation of an emergency plan consisting of a series of activities carried out progressively, from the assessment of risks to the implementation of prevention tactics through exercises.

As a corporate manager, you have at your disposal preventive factors such as: development of standards and laws regarding buildings and their occupations, control of combustible and flammable materials, control and maintenance of machinery and equipment within general and electrical systems, and conducting risk inspections for the purpose to detect situations that can trigger a fire.

You need to understand the importance of installing fire extinguishing systems that will allow you to quickly fight a potentially devastating event. Also, the access and intervention routes, as well as the access to water sources must exist in the building permanently, in areas free of any obstacles that could prevent the operative intervention for extinguishing the fire.

Maintaining the evacuation and intervention routes free is another obligation of the building manager/ administrator. They must enable the evacuation of people inside the building, including those with motor disabilities.

In office spaces and buildings, the quantities of combustible materials and substances used for different reasons should not exceed the density of the thermal load established by technical regulations or by the technical design documentation, which must be mentioned in the contract, convention or other similar legal act concluded between the parties. Also, the activity must be carried in organized spaces, not too crowded by people or specific furniture and equipment that would make it difficult or block the evacuation in case of a fire.

The evacuation plans from the building are drawn up and displayed according to the general norms of defense against fires. Fire protection plans must be updated whenever necessary to eliminate the need for fire damage restoration Phoenix workers, depending on the changes in the conditions that were the basis of the initial plan, as well as the changes in legislation, construction and/ or personnel.

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Security Issues that Many Business Do Not Think About

Many business owners or managers do not think about all the security issues, so it is very important to answer the question, “Why do you think you need a surveillance system?”

Of course, almost everyone knows that video surveillance means recording activities and events, but a modern video system can do more than just storing information about the potential unfortunate events that would disrupt your business.

Along with technological advances in the field, the benefits and uses of such equipment have become almost unlimited, and the truth is that the right system will save your business time and money. Five years ago, most CCTV systems were used to combat theft, violence or sabotage. But in recent years, businesses have changed the way cameras are used.

commercial security systems Denver

The benefits of commercial security systems Denver businesses use can also reveal security issues that you may not have thought of before. Here they are.

  1. You can motivate your staff to provide high quality service and discourage improper behavior.
  2. You can recover the investment by reducing losses and eliminating waste (fuels, materials, spare parts, warehousing etc.).
  3. Surveillance cameras do not fall asleep and offer a fair and comprehensive point of view. A person may be confused and perhaps not always in the right place at the right time, but a surveillance system will provide a complete insight.
  4. One of the security issues of a business is dealing with potential theft or criminal intentions. Surveillance cameras can drastically discourage offenders or potential acts of violence, vandalism or any other unpleasant event, through their simple presence.
  5. You can eliminate unsubstantiated customer complaints. If you have a commercial business, you are most likely used to meet those customers who claim to have paid when they actually did not, or those who have requested something and now claim to have received something else and make a huge scene about it. Such inconveniences can be solved very fast with quick access to video recordings.
  6. You can relax and still be in control of your business, even in the moments when you are out of the office or when you have too many work points.
  7. Systems now come with microphones and speakers for both-way audio communication. By pressing a button, you can interact directly with your employees from a distance, while looking at them.
  8. You can lighten the disputes between employees. Discussions and misunderstandings between employees are eliminated very quickly with video evidence.
  9. Continuous and real-time monitoring. You can provide access to the surveillance system by attaching TVs, monitors etc.
  10. You can store records for as long as you wish and use them efficiently. With a properly implemented system, you will have access to recordings by various filtering methods: by time and date, event, motion detection etc.
  11. Remote monitoring. By connecting the system to the Internet, access to surveillance cameras can be granted to authorized persons: tour managers, directors etc. Access can be made via phone, PC, laptop, or tablet.
  12. More than just access control, a surveillance system also monitors the space around the building and other areas such as the parking lot.



How Can I Sell Pallet Racking?

There are many companies that downsize their operations or simply change the equipment they no longer use. It is not always easy to find buyers for industrial shelving systems willing to pay a fair amount of money.

If you want to clear out your old warehouse equipment that includes pallet racking, there are several options to sell it.

First, you can try advertising locally, but do not expect immediate results. Selling through advertising can be a time consuming process, as well as a hit or miss process. You have no guarantee of selling the equipment. If you are lucky, you may be contacted by small companies with limited budget, looking for second hand shelving options for commercial or industrial use. If your pallet racking systems are in a good condition, you may be able to sell them for a good price, although you must also take into account the money you will pay for advertising your offer.

The other option you have is to find a re-seller specialized in these products. A re-seller is typically willing to work with you through the entire selling process, helping you with disassembling the old pallet rack and with the transportation.

Getting the best value for your old pallet rack

There are some things you can do to maximize the sum of money you will receive for your old pallet rack.

First, be willing to provide information about where it has been stored and for what type of products. These are important indicators for the real condition of a second hand pallet rack. If you still have the original documents from the manufacturer, it is even better; you can prove that you sell a good product, able to bear heavy loads for many years to come.

If the racking was properly stored and looks good, you have the chance to receive good money for it; on the other hand, if it has been already repaired and has visible signs of wear and tear, you can expect to get less cash.

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Advantages of selling your used pallet rack to a re-seller

  • You will get money for your racking, regardless its condition
  • You get tear-down assistance
  • You open warehouse space
  • You do not have to worry about shipment

Re-selling companies are easy to find with a simple internet search. Look for one in your area, specialized in buying pallet racks and other similar equipment, just in case you have more than one product to sell. For most of the re-sellers, no quantities are too large; they are willing to buy even entire warehouse equipment, in truckload quantities. You can look for buyers by using your search engine and look for ‘we buy pallet racking‘ re-sellers.

Contact a few re-sellers in your area by phone or using the forms on their websites, providing them as much information as possible, including photos of the product you sell. To get an offer, you will typically be asked about the quantity of beams, frames and wire decking, their condition and the location of your warehouse.

Before selling your old pallet racking system, you should also check for market trends on current prices and valuations of used warehouse equipment, just to make sure you receive a fair price.

The Benefits Offered by Customized Steel Buildings

Customized Steel Buildings

Steel buildings offer unparalleled versatility in terms of design as well as in terms of intended usage – whether the building will be used as a residential building, as an industrial, commercial or health facility, customized metal buildings come with extraordinary benefits offered by no other type of construction – here are some of the most important features that make steel buildings so popular these days.


Perhaps the biggest perk of using steel for customized construction. Steel is not only among the strongest construction materials available today, but also one of the most affordable ones. The savings come from the convenient price of steel as well as from the shortened construction process – steel buildings are prefabricated at the manufacturer’s facility, assembled in the factory for testing, then they are dismantled and transported to the buyer’s property and assembled again. The preliminary testing assembly makes sure that all the components of the building fit into place perfectly, therefore the final assembly is quick and can be completed based on the instructions provided by the manufacturer, without having to use special tools or special know-how. The buyer will have to make sure a suitable foundation is built for the steel construction, but even so, the entire construction process can be completed in a few weeks, even in the case of large buildings.

Intended Usage

Steel buildings can be used in any industry, for any application – here are some of the most common areas:

  • Retail outlets;
  • Offices;
  • Hospitals;
  • Schools;
  • Community centers, churches, arenas;
  • Garages, auto repair shops and hangars;
  • Production and storage facilities;
  • Silos and barns;
  • Any type of outbuilding.

Endless Customization and Design Options

When they were first introduced, steel buildings used to look like large, square boxes. This is no longer the case – modern manufacturing technologies can accommodate any design, classic or contemporary, simple or elaborate alike. With modern siding and finishing options available, steel buildings can be made to resemble brick-and-mortar construction, they can be painted in any color and textured coating varieties are also available for an even more sophisticated appearance.

Steel buildings also offer the designer freedom when it comes to choosing the openings and the accessories for the construction – any type of window, skylight, door can be used.

Strength and Durability

Steel buildings are also appreciated for their resistance to the elements and for their long lifespan. Steel is resistant to any kind of pest attacks, such as termites or other rodents and they are also able to withstand any weather, even the strongest seismic movements, the highest winds associated with storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, heavy rain and snow. Metal being a non-combusting material, steel buildings offer enhanced protection against fire.

Steel buildings require very little maintenance – the materials used are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, so all that building owners are required to do maintenance-wise is a detailed, yearly inspection of the components, including the roof and some painting or minor repairs if necessary. Most steel buildings come with warranties of over 30-50 years, so with these modern building solutions, the owners can be sure that their steel buildings will be among their most durable and most attractive assets.

Air Knife Excavation in Denver – How Local Builders can Benefit from this Efficient, Modern Technology

Services providing air knife excavation in Denver offer efficient and safe alternatives to conventional digging methods. The powerful, modern equipment that these service providers use for excavation are able to loosen and then break the surface of the soil, to penetrate the soil exactly to the desired depth, to drill the hole of the dimensions specified in the construction blueprint and to extract the loosened dirt with the help of vacuum, but efficiency and accuracy are not the only benefits of using these state-of-the-art tools – here are some more.

Increased Safety

Air knife excavation increases construction site safety in many ways. Air knife technology protects the utilities underneath the surface, thus making sure that the pipes underneath the surface will not be damaged during the excavation process. The equipment is relatively easy to use and completely safe for the machine operators as well, further increasing on-site job safety.

Efficiency and Minimized Disruption

Air knife equipment uses a stream of powerful, concentrated air to dig into the ground and strong vacuum for removing the soil and putting it directly into a tank. The process is very quick and leaves behind no soil and debris that needs to be removed by hand after the excavation is complete, features that make air knife excavation not only very quick and very efficient, but also guarantee that disruption is kept to minimum on the job site.


Air knife excavation machines are available in many different sizes, which makes the technology suitable for digging holes of any size, from very small to very large. If the hole you need to dig is small, you can use a small, portable unit for the excavation, while large construction sites can benefit from the power and efficiency of large excavation units.

Air knife units can be used not only for excavation purposes – they are suitable for various soil management and landscaping projects as well. The machines are very useful not only if you need to excavate the place for a building foundation, but also if you want to de-compact the surface layer of the soil to allow tree roots to breathe better or if you want to remove the surface layer from a larger area to replace it with new soil for improved fertility.


Air knife excavation reduces construction and landscaping costs by reducing the number of work hours necessary for completing the job – the company that you hire for the process will deliver the equipment to the building site and they will also send experienced technicians who will operate the equipment in an efficient and professional manner, then they will take care of the removal of the equipment from the job site after completion.

The companies that deal with air knife excavation in Denver offer a wide range of excavation machines, giving building contractors and individual clients access to the most modern excavation tools available today and the peace of mind that the digging will be done safely and it will require less time than with traditional methods.