Finding A Roofer That Will Guarantee Their Work

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Before resorting to any roofing team, whether it is the authorized dealer for the sale of complete roof systems, or a specialized installation company, you must consider a few aspects:

  • The installer has to be licensed and authorized to perform roofing projects in your state
  • Make sure about the quality of the materials used for your roofing project! Always ask for warranty certificates from the company you decide to work with. The quality of these materials increase the price of the project, but you can enjoy the comfort and safety of a durable work.
  • Carefully analyze the finish of the products, as these are the kind of details that can make the difference between a quality and a superficial work.
  • Opt for an experienced roofing company! The quality and safety of the roofing work can be provided by teams of specialists who have been working in this business and together as a team for a long time.
  • Ask to see samples of materials and also previous works made by the roofing team you decide to hire. Check if the materials you want come from a reliable supplier and they have been previously used for other similar projects too.
  • If having a quality roof is your main priority, you should be ready to accept to pay a higher price for better materials. You can find many roofers who may offer you the illusion of cheap and quality work, but do not fall for them.
  • The Aurora roofing company you choose respects the labor protection rules as well as the local building regulations.


How can you find a roofer that will guarantee their work?

First, make sure you contact a local and reliable roofer. Local, because this means it is part of the local community, it is easy to find when you need it and it has a reputation to protect, which means it will put quality on top of its priorities and also stand behind its work.

Make sure the roofer you choose will explain you the technical possibilities to accomplish the project, advise you on the style you want and propose solutions that respect your budget.

In general, roofing companies offer free preliminary consulting and estimation. It is enough to bring your roof plan, photos and measurements you have made, accompanied by a short description of what you want to do about your roof.

Make sure the roofing company you hire is in business for a long time and has build the loyalty of its teams; in this way, you can be sure that the execution of the roofing works will be carried out by experienced and professional workers.

Last but not least, a roofer will guarantee their work if they offer adequate warranties. You must ask about warranties before signing the contract and make sure they appear in the contract. Also, in addition to the warranties you get for materials and workmanship, make sure that the roofing contractor you hire carries the necessary insurance that provides coverage in case of accidents caused or supported by the team working on your roof. In general, any contractor should carry at least liability insurance and worker’s compensation.