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How Colorado Springs Land Surveyors Can Help

We Can Help Surveyors Construction Colorado springs

The services provided by land surveyors Colorado Springs offers are essential for many types of real estate transactions as well as for small-scale and large building and research projects of many types. Here are some of the ways that Colorado Spring land surveyors can help your project move forward.

Marking and Documenting Legal Property Boundaries

One of the most common tasks that land surveyors are hired for is the marking and recording of site limits. If you want to buy or to sell land in or around Colorado Springs, you might need an expert to confirm the correctness of existing markings or to perform the marking on previously unmarked land. While performing the measurements, land surveyors use advanced devices and the Global Positioning System to delimit plots of lands with a high level of accuracy. They also use Geographic Information Systems to present their measurements on maps and charts.

Surveys for Engineering and Construction Purposes

Another important service provided by land surveyors is to determine the exact location of the buildings and roads to be construction on a particular plot of land and to determine the proper depth of the foundations for the structures to be built. These activities might also include the surveying of the grade of the roads to be built.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are very important for architects and engineers who need accurate data about the contours of the terrain they will work with. In these projects, the specialist uses various tools and devices to determine the elevations on and around the plot of land. These surveys are carried out to record the terrain relief as well as the elevations of the roads and of the other structures on the property, such as canals and any other vertical irregularities.

Flood Elevation Surveys

This special type of survey verifies the elevation of a structure on a property, such as a building, relative to the ground level and it is essential for engineers to make sure that their work is in compliance with local floodplain management regulations. These surveys are also frequently used by insurance companies to determine the insurance premiums for a particular policy based on the flood risks associated with the property to be insured.

Surveys for Building Permits

Whether you are planning to get a new build, to add a deck to your existing building or to make any other additions to your existing building, the permitting documentation that you submit might need to include a survey performed by a licensed professional that complies with the requirements regarding the document format and the information to be included. Building permits are issued by the authorities only following the detailed review of the submitted documentation, including the survey.

Collaborations with Other Professionals

Land surveyors often collaborate with other professionals involved in building and research projects, such as cartographers, civil engineers, architects, construction inspectors, hydrologists, landscape architects and geographers. Many of these collaborations are not standard services, requiring land surveyors to make use of their vast knowledge of advanced technologies and procedures.